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Sample images displaying the Bokeh produced by a wide variety of lenses.

Zeiss TESSAR 115mm f3.5 Lens Bokeh

What's the Definition of Lens Bokeh?
 Bokeh or Lens Bokeh is the photographic term for the visual qualities of the out-of-focus areas of photographic images produced by a specific lens. Each lens has it's own Bokeh... some are special as you will see.
What's the BIG DEAL about Lens Bokeh?
 In photography Bokeh can be a BIG DEAL! Depending on the lens choice the Bokeh can dramatically change the look and feel of an image. Bokeh gives the photographic artist an additional tool for creating that special touch in their images. Bokeh can be very soft, very harsh, dreamy or creamy. It may resemble an artists fanciful brush stokes, look partially washed, smeared or scattered. Some Bokeh can also be down right irritating to some viewers... like scratching a chalk board when you've had to much coffee irritating. As you experiment with Bokeh you may come up with descriptive terms as well.
How do you Pronounce Bokeh?

 The word originated in Japan where it's meaning is "blur, lack of focus or unsharpness". Ask a Japanese speaking friend to pronounce it for you if you want to get it perfect, although they may pronounce it differently in different parts of Japan. People everywhere pronounce it differently so however you pronounce it is fine... and it may lead to an interesting discussion.
How To Improve My Lens Bokeh
A Tips & Tricks guide to understanding, altering, and creating great Bokeh rich images.
My Bokeh Term Definitions
Terms used to describe different Lens Bokeh characteristics.'s First Gallery (opens in a new window)
Click on the images to view. Use the arrows to navigate. The Multi-Arrow in the top right hand corner will display full-screen. Hitting the F11 key or the F key works on many systems too.
300mm x 3
A quick look at the Lens Bokeh from three 300mm Nikkor lenses. Faster F-Stops create more separation from backgrounds.

NOTE: The images displayed at MyBokeh are for the analysis of Bokeh only. Most were shot at the lens' fastest f-stop. They may have been altered through editing. Lens extension (tubes or bellows) or tele-converters may also have been used with the lens... it's all about My Bokeh.

(single focal length)

28mm Angenieux f/3.5 Retrofocus
35mm Enna Werk f/2.5 SUPER-LITHAGONN
35mm Carl Zeiss DISTAGON ZF f/2.0
50mm Meyer-Optik f/2.8 DOMIPLAN
58mm Meyer-Optik f/1.9 PRIMOPLAN
58mm Voigtlander f/1.4 NOKTON SL
85mm Carl Zeiss PLANAR ZF 85mm f1.4
90mm Kilfitt / Zoomar f/2.8 MACRO-KILAR

100mm Meyer-Optik f/2.8 TRIOPLAN (6 blade)
100mm Meyer-Optik f/2.8 TRIOPLAN (15 blade)

115mm Carl Zeiss f/3.5 TESSAR
135mm DC-Nikkor f/2.0D
135mm Soligor f/2.8 135mm Pre-Set
135mm Steinheil AUTO-D-TELE-QUINAR f/3.5
200mm Nikkor f/2.0
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(requires focusing adapter)

65mm MACRO-NIKKOR f/4.5 85mm Schneider MACRO VARON f/4.5 (M42 version)


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